High-Profile Experience


Our Approach

Gordon Strategy offers principal-led service delivery leveraging a consistently strategic perspective and strong interpersonal skills.

Our approach is personalized, flexible and team oriented. We understand our role as communications specialists and collaborate closely with clients and legal professionals to achieve exceptional results.
  • Principal-led service delivery leveraging a consistently strategic perspective and strong interpersonal skills
  • A broader strategic perspective addresses all facets of a communications challenge, no matter how complex or involved
  • Strong interpersonal skills support rational decision making, consensus building and teamwork

Our Clients

While our services are focused, our client base is broad. Across multiple jurisdictions and sectors, we work on corporate litigation issues with leading law firms and their corporate and business clients. We work with a wide array of employers, including corporations and municipalities, facing labour relations challenges. We work with fire chiefs and hockey leagues and clubs dealing with incidents or crises. We work with pension plans on a range of communications.
  • Municipal
  • Sports
  • Emergency Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Education (all levels)
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Mining
  • Financial and Pensions
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Regulatory

Our People

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon,


In a communications career spanning over two decades, Karen has developed an extensive body of work punctuated by numerous high-stakes, high-profile, strategically complex engagements. Prior to founding Gordon Strategy, she cut her teeth in communications working in politics, business and government. She appears regularly on radio and television as a recognized communications expert. Read More

email   karen@gordonstrategy.ca

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Deanna Mason

Deanna Mason,

Communications Associate.

Prior to joining Gordon Strategy in 2003, Deanna honed her communications skills and client services expertise at a leading labour and employment law boutique. She is a qualified legal assistant.

email   deanna@gordonstrategy.ca

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Four-Fold Expertise

With specialization comes exceptional understanding and skill. Gordon Strategy unwinds the complexities and provides strategically informed communications in four specific areas.


Corporate Litigation

Add the new media to the old media and, in a public controversy, an organization’s brand is more at risk than ever. Strategically and practically, we help legal professionals and business leaders manage communications on knotty issues from class action suits to bankruptcies, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Class action suits
  • Business wind-up, bankruptcy or restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • High-level HR issues

Employment and Labour Relations

On employment and labour relations issues, winning the communications battle can mean winning, period. We equip employers and their counsel with sound strategies for handling communications related to collective bargaining, strikes, union certification drives, plant closures, occupational health and safety matters, pension and benefit issues, high-profile terminations and human rights questions.

  • Collective bargaining
  • Strike/contingency planning
  • Plant closures and restructuring
  • Pensions
  • High-profile employment terminations
  • Human rights issues

Crisis and Incident Management

A crisis or even a minor incident can create high-stakes public relations challenges threatening organizations and individuals alike. Karen Gordon provides calm, confident guidance that insulates clients and mitigates harm. She has extensive experience helping emergency services providers, sports organizations and others navigate the shoals of high-profile events.

  • Incidents related to occupational health and safety
  • Sports-related matters
  • Coroner’s Inquests and Public Inquiries
  • Criminal defence

Media and Social Media Training

Upgrade your skills. Develop your media and social media savvy. Be prepared for whatever comes next. Gordon Strategy offers seminars, workshops and individual coaching on negotiating the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing media environment.

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Individual coaching

Karen Gordon offers a variety of strengths touching on expertise, personalized service and personality. Karen’s niche expertise supports her strategic prowess. These strengths are in turn reinforced by a personalized approach that makes for a more flexible, responsive and coherent service, demonstrates engagement, and engenders trust. It also exposes clients to a personality that encourages calm rationality, objectivity and consensus, thereby rendering the firm’s expert advice more effective.



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Analytical. Focused. Effective.

Gordon Strategy gets you to the finish line ahead. We formulate and execute incisive strategies for mastering complex communications challenges.

Expertly Targeted

Our key differentiator is deep, strategically targeted expertise in specific practice areas. On involved corporate litigation, on employment and labour relations, on crisis and incident management, Gordon Strategy delivers a world of insight and experience that stands apart. Learn more.

Personally Engaged

At Gordon Strategy, we don’t do communications by committee. Drawing, as necessary, on an extensive support network, Karen Gordon is personally engaged on every file. She will join your team as a responsive, committed partner providing senior-level expertise and frank, objective advice.

Skillfully Interpersonal

Communications is a relationship business. Karen Gordon has unique people skills that can play a key role in your communications success. Her warmth and sense of humour inspire trust, support reasoned decision making, encourage professional co-operation and help build consensus among all stakeholders.