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Analytical. Focused. Effective.

Gordon Strategy gets you to the finish line ahead. We formulate and execute incisive strategies for mastering complex communications challenges.

Expertly Targeted

Our key differentiator is deep, strategically targeted expertise in specific practice areas. On involved corporate litigation, on employment and labour relations, on crisis and incident management, Gordon Strategy delivers a world of insight and experience that stands apart. Learn more.

Personally Engaged

At Gordon Strategy, we don’t do communications by committee. Drawing, as necessary, on an extensive support network, Karen Gordon is personally engaged on every file. She will join your team as a responsive, committed partner providing senior-level expertise and frank, objective advice.

Skillfully Interpersonal

Communications is a relationship business. Karen Gordon has unique people skills that can play a key role in your communications success. Her warmth and sense of humour inspire trust, support reasoned decision making, encourage professional co-operation and help build consensus among all stakeholders.


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